Bret Gaston

IT Manager

Bret has provided technical support to Strategic National Property Tax Advisors (SNPTA) since its inception in 2000, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of the database. Although Bret has been working with us for 17 years, he came on board officially 10 years ago. Bret has more than 23 years of experience in the computer industry.


Prior to joining SNPTA, Bret worked as an independent database developer. He maintained and improved PTAS, an Access-based Property Tax database tool for many Dallas-area property tax firms. His clients included Frito Lay, Pepsi, Tropicana, Quaker and Dean Foods – for all of whom – he designed and deployed a purchase card tracking, auditing and tax accrual databases. He has built hospital planning and procurement databases for Euthenics, HKS and Turner Construction.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering • University of Texas at Arlington