The Proactive Approach – we develop and implement strategies to pursue all legal and prudent methods to reduce and minimize Clients’ property tax liabilities.

  • Review relevant and pertinent information provided by Client to develop independent valuations including income, direct sales comparison, and cost approach, as applicable to determine assessment value and appeal action.
  • Conduct interviews with Client and/or property managers to review income and expense statements, rent tolls, tenant lease concessions, tenant improvement allowances, broker commissions, occupancy levels and other matters related to the overall property performance and value.
  • Utilize a network of appraisal resources such as investors, developers, MAI’s and real estate brokers to compile a market data research and due diligence.
  • Coordinate with Client to conduct onsite inspections of all properties.
  • Consider any physical impairment, functional and/or economic obsolescence and/or environmental issues relative to the taxable property.

Our Methodology – We understand and value the importance of constructive relationships between ourselves and the local Appraisal Districts. Strategic will always maintain productive and cooperative relationships with taxing authorities and their designated representatives on behalf of Client.

  • Review all value positions with Client to mutually develop a Target Value Assessment for each property assignment.
  • Prepare and secure the appropriate documentation required to support a challenge of any assessment deemed unreasonable due to improper valuation and/or equalization.
  • File and represent the Client with respect to administrative assessment appeals, negotiate values informally where possible and prepare and present formal appeals before Appraisal Review Boards within the period permitted under applicable law.
  • Confer with and provide guidance to Client relating to tax allocations and tenant billings.
  • Prepare and provide a property tax report summarizing the assessed values and estimated/actual property taxes. All reports will be in standard Word and/or Excel format unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.
  • Explore all reasonable efforts to secure, review, approve and deliver all approved tax bills to Client for timely payment.
  • Review new acquisitions and/or new construction cost in reference to the impact of future property tax assessments and tax liability at the request of Client. Strategic estimates are based upon best effort to project future events with such information and may be subject to variance.