Our Philosophy

At Strategic National Property Tax Advisors, we believe that our firm’s most valuable asset is our people. We prize our team’s entrepreneurial spirit, which thrives in a community environment based on solid relationships, integrity and credibility.

Adding value to this bedrock is our use of tested technology and our team’s unrivaled experience. All these elements combine to serve as the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Strategic National Property Tax Advisors expertise is focused solely in commercial real estate.  Strategic has a thorough understanding of commercial real estate complexities and will work as an integral part of your team regarding property tax appeals, procedures, valuation and litigation support.

Once we come on board, we work relentlessly, exhausting all avenues and relationships to minimize your current and future property tax liabilities, approaching each issue with an entrepreneurial spirit that doesn’t let go until all objectives are met.

Currently, we are entrusted with representing billions of dollars worth of commercial real estate. At Strategic National Property Tax Advisors, our principals have represented and negotiated assessments for virtually every classification of real estate. They get directly involved with every property assignment our firm agrees to take on, personally administering the entire appeal process from beginning to end.

How are we different from other tax consultants? The answer lies in our core leadership who gets directly involved with each assignment.   We bring more than 100 years of combined expertise to each task. This sense of discipline and consistency lifts our work to the top of the overall property tax consulting field.

Count on us to take the extra step. We inspect each and every property ourselves. We establish relationships with asset managers, property managers and leasing agents to get the complete, unique and unrivaled perspective on each property that can’t be gained in any other way.

Talk to us at Strategic National Property Tax Advisors today to see how our vast expertise and entrepreneurial spirit can add value to your organization.